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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

uberfuzz : The Super Bowl: XLVI Is Greek To Kids As Schools Stop Teaching Roman Numerals-via huffingtonpost http://ping.fm/nQ1oi
uberfuzz : aftra agreement -via hollywoodreporter http://ping.fm/pFKOr
uberfuzz wtf: Two British Tourists Denied Entry Into U.S. For Twitter Jokes-via villagevoice http://ping.fm/6tiZW
uberfuzz loao : Politics: The Odd Couple: Romney Vs. Gingrich-via rollingstone http://ping.fm/KTyi0
uberfuzz : to my old master-via letters of note http://ping.fm/a8kyA

Monday, January 30, 2012

uberfuzz : Megaupload Data Could Be Erased This Week-via mashable http://ping.fm/Dq2EF
uberfuzz : Content, Copyright & The Internet -- The Reality-via forbes http://ping.fm/1BCKW
uberfuzz tech : IBM: Tiny carbon nanotube transistor outshines silicon-via cnet http://ping.fm/G1sex
uberfuzz : On Becoming One of Tucson’s Banned Authors-via indiancountrytodaymedianetwork http://ping.fm/Ppgm0
uberfuzz : The 1% demand Web domination-via workers http://www.workers.org/2012/us/internet_strike_0202/
uberfuzz : anonymous news: Politicians Don Anonymous Guy Fawkes Masks-via forbes http://ping.fm/GaYYG
uberfuzz : Online activists Anonymous are targeting the European Parliament...ACTA-via zdnet http://ping.fm/x19xx

Sunday, January 29, 2012

uberfuzz : Portraits of the Homeless by Lee Jeffries-via lightbox http://ping.fm/nVp7H
uberfuzz : Twitter can now block tweets in specific countries-via itworld http://ping.fm/uCDHe
uberfuzz : Amazon rainforest mapped in unprecedented detail-via guardian http://ping.fm/q2qvM
uberfuzz : place a free 55 day ad on the classifieds, post on the forums, or find a job @ http://ping.fm/ef7lf
uberfuzz: poo-eating machine becoming self-aware...& other things you were afraid to know about toilets-via cracked http://ping.fm/Yr4me
wtf : my bank ,'bank of a.' a huge bank, couldn't dispense cash, so had to pay $4 fee at next door bank to get cash!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

uberfuzz : today was a destroy all monsters kinda day

Friday, January 27, 2012

uberfuzz : this weeks unnecessary censorship -via jimmy kimmel http://ping.fm/IUfEt
uberfuzz : check out news feeds @ http://ping.fm/dQkvf
uberfuzz usa: Dignity Memorial Buries 1,000th Homeless Veteran-via huffington post http://ping.fm/THmRY
uberfuzz tech: FBI seeking social media monitoring tool-via rawstory http://ping.fm/SjCm0

Thursday, January 26, 2012

uberfuzz space : Newt Gingrich promises moon base-via guardian http://ping.fm/2JSdA
uberfuzz wtf : Hawaii may keep track of all Web sites visited http://ping.fm/Dy20m
uberfuzz world : ‘OzLog’ -via delimiter http://ping.fm/osoL9

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

uberfuzz science :what your mind really looks like on shrooms -via io9 http://ping.fm/FMA7d
uberfuzz : (wow) Apple's Cash On Hand: 9 Things The Company Could Pay For (SLIDESHOW)-via huffibgtonpost http://ping.fm/y97AD
uberfuzz : unfortunate stick figure decals -via adultswim http://ping.fm/wEj5a
Uberfuzz : Amazon is aggressively pursuing the same content strategy as Netflix-via nypost http://ping.fm/ZXlV1
uberfuzz : post free 55 day ads , post on forums, find a job, and more @ http://ping.fm/s6yhJ
uberfuzz : largest solar radiation storm since October 2003-via cnet http://ping.fm/GLhoh
uberfuzz web: the state of filesharing websites-via lifehacker http://ping.fm/dnhuU
uberfuzz : how sopa works, info graphic -via voiceable http://ping.fm/J8q2y
uberfuzz : Zuckerberg Spray Paints Graffiti On Real Facebook Wall-via techcrunch http://ping.fm/snGbd

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

uberfuzz space: swapping universes-via popsci http://ping.fm/oq204
uberfuzz space: swapping universes-via popsci http://ping.fm/PVfvH
uberfuzz space: mercury, venus, moon align -via nasa http://ping.fm/XVcGn
uberfuzz wtf: Starbucks to sell alcohol to draw evening diners-via dailymail http://ping.fm/xRUKh
uberfuzz : Anonymous Attempts To "Bring Down" Facebook-via sfweekly http://ping.fm/uw2A3
uberfuzz : New route for Alberta oil: Northward? http://ping.fm/8gqsp
uberfuzz : New route for Alberta oil: Northward? http://ping.fm/VxTew

Monday, January 23, 2012

uberfuzz tech : Google+ updates policy to address identity crisis-via cnet http://ping.fm/npw7Z
uberfuzz wtf: Americans can be forced to decrypt their laptops-via cnet http://ping.fm/r9b5J
uberfuzz : solar interference tomorrow-via cnet http://ping.fm/OuVE7
uberfuzz : mexico child trafficking-via huffingtonpost http://ping.fm/iO3xE
uberfuzz : Heidi Klum, Seal Divorce-via huffingtonpost http://ping.fm/6gLxt
uberfuzz : Heidi Klum, Seal Divorce-via huffingtonpost http://ping.fm/I6YdW
uberfuzz space : life on venus -via yahoo news http://ping.fm/QUGfP
uberfuzz : find that new job on the classifieds @ http://ping.fm/cxrKQ
uberfuzz : (wild wild west)2 shot dead in chicago -via chicagotrib http://ping.fm/Ea0tR

Sunday, January 22, 2012

uberfuzz : BLACK MARCH S.O.P.A. PROTEST-via foodcartpeople http://ping.fm/WnlKW
uberfuzz : Rise of the Copygate Scandal-via we are change @ http://ping.fm/E2IoL
uberfuzz : ACTA? youtube demo @ http://ping.fm/dgvwC
uberfuzz : youtube video on ACTA @ http://ping.fm/FAiyW
uberfuzz : check out the featured video @ http://ping.fm/ieqAr

Friday, January 20, 2012

uberfuzz jobsearch: get an early start on the job hunt @ http://bit.ly/fmcrQk
uberfuzz energy: Canada likes us. Let us get our energy from Canada.-via abcnews http://ping.fm/hfShT
uberfuzz sopa news: Anti-piracy bills put on hold -via mercurynews http://ping.fm/J04ku
uberfuzz : How Hollywood drives people to piracy-via gigaom http://ping.fm/ykQO0
uberfuzz wtf: (tax dollars at work) bias crime?-via nydailynews http://ping.fm/JKubu
uberfuzz : why the feds smashed megaupload
-via arstechnica http://ping.fm/lcALG
uberfuzz sopa news : ...Anonymous was cleverly goaded into OpMegaUpload-via cnet http://ping.fm/moLza
uberfuzz : megaupload busted -via cnet http://ping.fm/hwIkJ

Thursday, January 19, 2012

uberfuzz sopa news : all four GOP candidates said at Thursday evening's primary debate they opposed it-via huffingtonpost http://ping.fm/PsmZC
uberfuzz space : Telescope reveals star factory secrets-via ninemsn http://ping.fm/fVUS2
uberfuzz sopa news: What Even Non Nerds Need to Know About SOPA,via-gawker http://ping.fm/GJg4W
uberfuzz : apple guts textbooks...it stabs the publishing industry while it embraces it-via techcrunch http://ping.fm/H4YpP
uberfuzz space news : International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities-via networkworld http://ping.fm/VH9wZ

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

uberfuzz sopa news: With Today's Protests, SOPA Becomes a Mainstream Issue-via readwriteweb http://ping.fm/Xh0hB
uberfuzz : visit our site to post a free http://ping.fm/kAEqy
uberfuzz sopa news: google; end piracy not freedom -via google http://ping.fm/6bEcz
uberfuzz : Apple secrets-via techcrunch http://ping.fm/Jv5FP

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

uberfuzz : teen beating -via ap http://ping.fm/IzICI
uberfuzz tech news: Jerry Yang has resigned-via techcrunch http://ping.fm/lWHT2
uberfuzz : Lance Cpl. Donald Hogan's Family Honored With Navy Cross-via huffingtonpost http://ping.fm/x1jXs

Monday, January 16, 2012

uberfuzz : Top 50 Cult Movies-via filmsite http://ping.fm/Khc5l

Saturday, January 14, 2012

uberfuzz sopa news : The White House Labels SOPA Censorship And Refuses To Support It-via politicususa http://ping.fm/0LBiM
uberfuzz : lte, this 4G is likely to remain king for some time http://ping.fm/hYS5c
uberfuzz : India OKs censoring Facebook, Google, Microsoft, YouTube-via zdnet http://ping.fm/I2ubS
uberfuzz world : Didn’t Cry Long Enough At Kim Jongs Funeral… Then Off To Prison Camp!-via newzwars http://ping.fm/96vHp
uberfuzz sopa news: perform the hard reset -via digitaltrends http://ping.fm/zyy73

Friday, January 13, 2012

uberfuzz drone news: ...search for illegal immigrants and smugglers -via latimes http://ping.fm/lc6aN
uberfuzz : place a free 55 day classified ad , search for a new job, post on forums @ http://ping.fm/tyWCH
uberfuzz tech: (how low can u go?) 12-atom magnetic memory bit-via bbc http://ping.fm/Ln1YA
uberfuzz : friggatriskaidekaphobia-via wikipedia http://ping.fm/5gKux
uberfuzz: Why One Rich Man Shouldn't Own An International Bridge-via forbes http://ping.fm/2K6oQ
uberfuzz world : US sends iran warning -via nytimes http://ping.fm/MuAPo
uberfuzz star news : pitt & jolie http://ping.fm/W8mGw

Thursday, January 12, 2012

uberfuzz space : most toxic spacecraft to fall ever-via huffingtonpost http://ping.fm/NqEdV
uberfuzz tech: What could be sharper than 1080p hi-def?-via nytimes http://ping.fm/OySFT
uberfuzz tech: What could be sharper than 1080p hi-def?-via nytimes http://ping.fm/BHqeg
uberfuzz tech: What could be sharper than 1080p hi-def?-via nytimes http://ping.fm/5zevl
uberfuzz tech: What could be sharper than 1080p hi-def?-via nytimes http://ping.fm/ZtEBE

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

uberfuzz : the Internet in China is becoming more and more estranged from the World Wide Web-via marketwatch http://ping.fm/Xq6Jv
uberfuzz tech: 15 year battery life cell phone...-via dailymail http://ping.fm/MJgyA
uberfuzz : ...GTMO detainees who were released or transferred... 25% -- have returned to jihad-via cnn http://goo.gl/qyN4R

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

uberfuzz : (is this in store for us with SOPA?) government control of video games -via usatoday @ http://ping.fm/jaQbU
uberfuzz : Romney wins in NH http://ping.fm/KMs4f

Monday, January 9, 2012

uberfuzz : (well at least it wasn't porn!) nuclear techs surfing web -via cnn http://ping.fm/t1wC0
uberfuzz : check out new nationwide jobs @ http://ping.fm/Lu6J0
uberfuzz : myspace tv - via hollywood reporter http://ping.fm/asKKy
uberfuzz : sopa news - via americancensorship http://ping.fm/Rnpz2
uberfuzz : Google Accused of Interfering With South Korean FTC Investigation-via slashdot http://ping.fm/rggGd

Sunday, January 8, 2012

uberfuzz sopa news: 'Go say hell to Lamar and express yourself'-via freakoutnation http://ping.fm/ie6gy

Saturday, January 7, 2012

uberfuzz : post a free 55 day ad, discuss on forums, find a job on nationwide jobsearch, browse the feeds @ http://ping.fm/FRS9n
uberfuzz : gas prices up, because of mideast -via newschief http://ping.fm/vyZkE
uberfuzz : two charged in officer's murder - via chicagotribune http://ping.fm/mbPeN

Thursday, January 5, 2012

uberfuzz tech : (for your eyes only) eyes instead of mouse-via yahoo news http://ping.fm/bay6n
uberfuzz : nature news: honeybee zombie fly parasite -via @ http://ping.fm/vFu7E
uberfuzz : google adds cloud print @ http://ping.fm/t0VeJ
uberfuzz : Check out jobs for 5Jan12 on our nationwide jobsearch @ http://bit.ly/fmcrQk

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

was a triple feature kinda night

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

uberfuzz : (hot news) volunteer catches arsonist -via huffingtonpost http://ping.fm/YMvCt

Monday, January 2, 2012

UBERFUZZ: shout out to all our followers, post your free 55 day ad on the classifieds @ http://ping.fm/ijnvJ
uberfuzz : (loao) how to avoid road rage -via youtube @ http://ping.fm/MRIEV
uberfuzz tech: healthtech, 6 ideas to change medicine in 2012-via tech crunch http://ping.fm/NEWS4

Sunday, January 1, 2012

uberfuzz tech: smart tv -via samsung @ http://ping.fm/8kFQn